MBIS/MBISS Am/Can Ch Lanel's Kaitan Khanazar

Owner:  Patricia (Ellis) Ulloa


46 Hound Groups, 7 Best In Shows, 6 Specialty Best In Shows
and BCOA National BOB Winner

Pat and Kai, BOB, Puget Sound Borzoi Club, Summer 1989


1984 BCOA National

Left to Right

All in relation to "Kaitan"

Ch. Lanel's Lobachevski, "Nikolai", BOB, Bruce Schultz [Kaitan's Grandfather]

Ch. Seabury's Damon, AOM, Jim Sillers, [son of Nikolai]

Ch. Lanel's Kaitan Khanazar, WD, Laura Nell, [Grandson of Nikolai]

Seabury's Love Life Itself, Pat (Ellis) Ulloa, [Grand-daughter of Nikolai]

Pictured in the middle of the photo is Lorraine Groshams


Five Group ONE's
Tumbleweed Circuit, New Mexico

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