Sire:  MBIS/MBISS Am. Can. CH. Lanel's Kaitan Khanazar, "Kaitan"

46 Hound Groups, 7 Best In Shows, 6 Specialty Best In Shows,
including Best of Breed 1990 BCOA National
all in a short time - between May 17, 1986 and March 8, 1990

Dam:  Am. Can. CH. Laureate Adrienne Learning To Fly, "Lindy"



Monica E. Barry, Hounds of Laureate - view full pedigree
AKC Judge Janis Leikam, Adrienne Borzoi
AKC Judge Patricia Ellis Ulloa, Sundance, Owner of "Kaitan"

Click HERE to view photos of "Kaitan".  Thank you Pat Ellis Ulloa
for the use of the wonderful photos.

Calvin's Birthdate:  April 15, 2006

Calvin's Statistics . . .  

Calvin has full dentition and perfect scissors bite. Black pigment (nose, eye rims and lips)

32" tall, 94 lbs., lean and SOLID MUSCLE.

Lots of gorgeous leg under him!  Beautiful tail carriage.

Straight on, down and back and lovely sidegait with extension and no restriction.

Superb Temperament and Personality.  I'd have 10 Calvins if I could.



CH. Laureate Adrienne Sundance CK at OZ!
[ Selectively and exclusively shown - and ALWAYS OWNER/HANDLED ]

on his way toward his GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP!
as of September 2010, Calvin has 2 Majors and singles - he is almost there!



"Calvin" has the following points toward his GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP:

3 Pt. Major - June 12, 2010, BCOA Supported Entry, Greenwich Kennel Club, CT, Judge: Ms. Carol Esterkin
2 Pts. - July 2, 2010, Del-Otse-Nango Kennel Club, Bainbridge, NY, Judge: Mrs. Betty Ann-Stenmark
4 Pt. Major - July 10, 2010, Genesee Valley Kennel Club, Rochester, NY, Judge: Mr. Thomas Nesbitt
1 Pt. - October 3, 2010, Finger Lakes Kennel Club, Inc., Romulus, NY, Judge Mr. Edward M. Gilbert, Jr.


and his 2nd Major toward his Grand Championship Title!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Genesee Valley Kennel Club, Rochester, NY

Judge: Mr. Thomas Nesbitt




, 4 Pt. Major, toward GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

BCOA Supported Entry
Greenwich Kennel Club

Judge: Ms. Carol Esterkin

For more Information on Grand Champions and Grand Championship Points, go Here:





WD, BOW and BOB!  to finish !!!

Judge: Mrs. Patricia V. Trotter, Hound Specialist/Expert

Saturday, November 14, 2009
Chenango Valley Kennel Club




Calvin got his 2nd Major the very next time he stepped into the ring - at Syracuse and his CHAMPIONSHIP!

Sept. 27, 2009, Sunday
Elmira Kennel Club, Inc.

Wine Country Circuit
Romulus, New York

Winners Dog AND Best of Winners

4 PT. MAJOR!!!

Judge: Dr. Alvin W. Krause

Just finished showing in the rain!
Rain or shine, it didn't matter, Calvin
showed beautifully and took the Major!



Jan. 23, 2010, 3.75 years of age


June 27, 2009, Sunday
Susque-Nanco Kennel Club

Winners Dog and Best of Winners

Judge: Kent H. Delaney




March 1, 2009, Sunday
Kennel Club of Northern NJ
Secaucus, NJ

Winners Dog, Best of Winners and BOS

Judge: Ms. Helene Nietsch


December 14, 2008, Saturday

Delaware Water Gap Kennel Club, Bethlehem, PA

Winners Dog

Judge: Mr. Raymond V. Filburn, Jr.


November 16, 2008, Saturday

Central NY Kennel Club,
Syracuse, NY

Winners Dog and Best of Winners

Judge: Ms. Helene Nietsch


November 15, 2008, Saturday

Del-Otse-Nango Kennel Club, Syracuse, NY

Winners Dog and Best of Winners !

Judge:  Prof. Douglas C. Taylor


October 11, 2008
Palisades Kennel Club, Augusta, NJ

Winners Dog

Judge:  Lena S. Tamboer



August 9, 2009
Southern Adirondack Kennel Club, Ballston Spa, NY

Winners Dog and Best of Winners

Judge:  Mr. Jon R. Cole





Thursday, June 26, 2008, WD and BOB
Kanadasaga Kennel Club, Bainbridge, NY
Judge: Mr. Thomas Nesbitt

Friday, June 27, 2008, Winners Dog
Bainbridge, NY
Judge:  Dr. Ronald Spritzer

Saturday, June 28, 2008, Winners Dog AND
Chenango Valley Kennel Club, Bainbridge, NY
Judge: Mrs. Lisa Warren

Halloween, October 31, 2009


Photo taken Sept. 9, 2006
Above, is Calvin and his Great Uncle, "Kansas" Ch. Laureate Adr'n Take a Bow at OZ
"Kansas" mother is Sera / "Calvin's" grandmother is Sera

Photo taken May 27, 2007

Pure Contentment, May 27 2007


19 mos. old, January 2008

  18 mos. old, un-groomed 

14.5 months

13 months, May 27, 2007, self stack

9 months, January 27, 2007

9 months, January 21, 2007


7-1/2 mos. old, self stack

7 mos. old, bunny hunting at dusk

7 mos. old, self-stack

Photos taken Sept. 19, 2006, 5 Mos. Old
[ Rick's lawn sprinkler got my lens partially wet ]

17 weeks

[ above photo taken at 14 weeks ]

August 8, 2006, Angles everywhere, 16 weeks

14 weeks old

The only thing between me and my Calvin . . . is Kansas!

All of our boys:

Reggae's Blackjak, "Jak"

Ch. Laureate Adr'n Take a Bow at OZ, "Kansas"

Cool Run Mikimoto at OZ, "Mikimoto"

own these puppies!

It is remarkable to see them so gentle, loving and protective of the babies.


"Mikimoto" and "Kansas" lovin on babies at 14 weeks old.

"Jak" with babies

[ photo taken Sept. 17, 2006 ]

Our Daily Bone Party

[ photo taken Sept. 17, 2006 ]

Kansas babysitting

[ photo taken Sept. 17, 2006 ]