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Izzy a/k/a Isabelle, is our rescue Borzoi.
Date of Birth: May 25, 1994
Sire:  Boris IZ Pickle Hill
Dam: Pickle Hills Kismet

Izzy and her Sire, Boris (Boris IZ Pickle Hill) were abandoned at a shelter in Glenfield, New York in January 1997.  They remained at that shelter for three months.  Izzy and Boris had many Guardian Angels throughout their journey, one of them being the shelter manager, Clifford Cook, who gave of himself to keep these two Russian Wolfhounds alive with the hope of placing them in loving homes.   During their shelter time, they were adopted out, but eventually brought back, with the complaint of being "unruly".  In March 1997, Ellen Pilling (formerly of Clinton, New York, and a Scottish Deerhound enthusiast) heard about the two sheltered Borzoi and contacted her friend, Dr. Ann Miller of Fairfax, Virginia.  Ann contacted the Borzoi National Rescue Foundation in an attempt to start the ball rolling in the rescue of these two Hounds.  Carol Backers attempted to make arrangements for the Borzoi, however, those arrangements were not followed through, and the two Borzoi remained in the shelter.

After hearing that the two sheltered Borzoi were still in the shelter, Ellen Pilling rescued both Izzy and Boris in March 1997.  While Ellen could foster Izzy until a permanent home was found, she could not foster the male, Boris.   On Easter Sunday,  Ellen Pilling and Ann Miller, met half-way between their homes to transport Boris to Ann's home in Virginia.  Boris was to stay with Ann and her two Borzoi and two Deerhounds until a permanent home was found.

The first week of April 1997, my husband (Rick) and I were coming home from  Cayuga Lake, in Ithaca, New York and stopped to watch a sighthound coursing meet.   There stood Ellen and Izzy.  I immediately walked over to Ellen and complimented her on her lovely dog and asked her if I may pet her.  It was love at first sight.  I knelt down beside Izzy and put my arms around her neck to hug her and to tell her how beautiful she was.   We also learned that Izzy was adoptable.

Two weeks later, Izzy finally found that permanent home . . . she came to live with us.  Izzy is a cherished and very much loved member of our family.

Izzy is the sweetest and most gentle of creatures, and is truly our "Queen of Iz".

Boris also found his permanent home, and is a loved and cherished member of the McKenzie family in the State of Alaska.

Clifford Cook, Ellen Pilling and Ann Miller are truly Izzy's and Boris' Guardian Angels.  These individuals gave of themselves and were the true and sole rescuers of Izzy and Boris.  Their compassion, love and unselfishness nature will always be remembered and always have a special place in our lives and hearts.

Janice and Rick Butkowsky


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Ann Miller and the Moondancers now
have their own web page which you can visit at:


This Spot Reserved 
for Ellen Pilling and her
Scottish Deerhounds

Photos of Izzy at home.

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Izzy and Jan, a portion of the Group Photo of Rescue/Companion Parade Class at the Nationals 2001

Jan and Iz entering the ring - with Andy Knapp


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